About Us

We love creating unique, strikingly presented, contemporary gifts.  The team at The Gift Box Co. have been working in the retail industry for over two decades and have built a reputation for honesty and quality.

We are a New Zealand, family-run business.  With a background in retail and professional floristry, combined with experience in print advertising and digital marketing we have a track record for producing good products and creating positive customer service. 

We are based in the heart of New Zealand, in the country's capital, Wellington. We have close access to the country's transport hubs such as the airport and New Zealand Courier's base (which is the reliable courier company that we can depend on).

Angela and Steve wanted to create striking gift boxes with superior presentation, combined with quality products.  Our focus is to include as many New Zealand made products in our boxes because we believe in the quality that New Zealand producers produce. We believe in sourcing local suppliers.

We know what works well for maximum effect and stunning presentation, and ensure that the ‘wow factor’ is present in every gift box that leaves our warehouse.

The Gift Box Company delivers quality products throughout New Zealand.